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Positive Youth Development

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Masi Wellness have 50+ group engagement activities suitable for students to participate in school and college compounds with proper venue safety settings. Masi Wellness Trainers have a track record of conducting 400+ corporate training offsite programs in India including educational institutions as well. 

Type of Activities are :

Engagement sessions for " Interpersonal Harmony "
Engagement sessions for " Goal Oriented Tasks "
Engagement sessions for " Exposure to Competencies"
Engagement sessions for " Rhythmic Alignment "
Engagement sessions for " Art of Preparation and Execution "
Engagement sessions for " Discover your Creativity "
Engagement sessions for " Making Things Happen "
Engagement sessions for " Build Trust with Peers "

Masi Wellness emphases on delivering quality Training and Self Actualization programs.To ensure maximum benefit from sessions, we generally take small number of students ranging from 25-40 head counts, per session.The program design reserves group activity period, briefing and de-briefing sessions & allotted time to rest. The sessions are conducted for 4-7 hours depending on the need of the students addressed by their Educational Authorities.


Stress, as per Psychology is a condition of strain and pressure. The present world is so focused on the intellectual development of students through various models of formal education being proposed to practice, that the level of stress in students is being immensely observed. This scenario, becoming a global concern for all , is not a welcoming fact for any of us. Thus, making sure the young budding minds and hearts not to wither away in the process of being competitive, is an absolute necessity. 

Masi Wellness have certain stress reduction programs that have methods studies and learned from Mindfulness Practices from a few successful Yoga schools in India. A few techniques that can be learned and practiced within a few minutes, when shared with Students, help them become psychologically better. List of benefits are: Peace, Inner Joy, positive thoughts, harmony, better concentration, better creativity, better behavior, better body language etc.

Type of Activities are :

Session for Exams Stress Reduction
Session for Parent Student Relation Stress
Session for Crafting Life Path
Session for Building Internal Strength

Stress Management Lectures by Masi Wellness are generally delivered in 3-4 hours with presentation, explanation and sharing self help techniques to reduce the given type of Stress being present. The Facilitators of Masi Wellness have good experience in delivering such programs. Maximum number of participants permitted in a session could range from 20-100 depending on the requirement of the Educational Institutions.


One of the most important aspects of human life is – How to Manage Time?.Time management is generally linked with productivity enhancement in individuals and in groups. Every person who is having certain aspect of life to be addressed is governed by the time frame. Thus learning how to be productive wrt to Time is important to learn. The influence of time management is surely seen in families,offices,schools,or any group where their is a certain type of goal to be achieved. Time management session by Masi Wellness highlights the importance of various steps taken during the period of life to achieve success. 

Time Management session by Masi Wellness is delivered within 3-4 hours with 20-50 participants in one session. The session will be delivered by experienced Corporate Professionals who have achieved a certain degree of success in life with time Management.

Type of Activities are :

Session for Exams Stress Reduction
Session for Parent Student Relation Stress
Session for Crafting Life Path
Session for Building Internal Strength


What is Personality ? The overall visible and perceivable image an individual is called the Personality. To be able to function well in chosen fields of work, the aspect of human which is exposed the most is Personality. An impressive personality is able to achieve better than one having a non-impressive one. Masi Wellness conducts sessions on Personal Development, only on the inner hidden influences in each individual's outer personality and expression. The core aspects of Personality Development covered are:

Type of Activities are :

Defining and understanding of attitude and its importance
Understanding core strengths and limitations
Blending self with field of interest
Defining steps to succeed in your field
Building inner harmony and rhythm
Self help techniques to increase and maintain focus

Personal Development sessions by Masi Wellness is not the conventional methods followed by present session providers but it involves holistic approach to it. One session is generally delivered in 3-4 hours with 20-40 participants only. 

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